Kari Skinningsrud, MSc, founded the medical writing and consulting company, Limwric, in 2002, after having worked with clinical research in Nycomed Imaging since 1987. She worked with all aspects of clinical trials in Nycomed, from planning through publication, and during the last years as their first medical writer in Norway. Constituents of good writing was always her main interest, and membership in EMWA (European Medical Writers Association) in 2000 opened up a new chapter in her career. She gave her first workshop for EMWA in 2004 on cross-cultural communication, on grant-writing in 2009 and on manuscript writing in 2014. All three workshops are regularly on offer during EMWA’s biannual conferences. In the period 2004-9 she was EMWA’s PR Officer, and since 2013 she has been a member of the EPDC (EMWA’s Professional Development Committee). Regular meetings and discussions within the EPDC about quality of workshop content and presentation styles is invaluable for someone who offers training to highly qualified professionals. As an employee in Limwric she has:

  • Written: publications to peer-reviewed journals, clinical study reports, clinical overviews, summaries for the common technical document, patient narratives, patient information leaflets, applications to ethics committees, application for bridging study exemption etc.
  • Translated various documents from Norwegian to English and vice versa
  • Rewritten and edited documents for academic researchers
  • Worked half time in 2005-06 for Rikshospitalet, the National Hospital, in Oslo, with writing of grant applications.
  • Worked for the Norwegian Research Council in 2006; prepared applications for funding for expert review and participated as a referee in meetings.
  • Invited speaker at ESMO (European Society for Medical Oncology), Young Oncologist Forum, September 2014. The topic given was: Research project completed, now write your paper
  • Given training events on publication writing for the late professor Babill Stray-Pedersen’s PhD candidates in many countries (www.facebook.no/limwric) in the period 2013-2018.
  • Given many training events on publication writing, and some on grant-writing to academic researchers since 2011