Description of courses

The 3-day course emphasizes the writing process, core content vs. context and structure within the IMRaD framework.  The 2-day follow-up contains writing exercises and allows more in-depth discussion about how to write well – in English.

Sharpen up your scientific writing – make it crystal clear, concise and engaging (3 days)

Day 1. Constituents of coherent discourse – analysis of all sections in an IMRaD-structured research paper with emphasis on the introduction. Creating a readable text – coherent discourse – is much about structure. It should be easy to follow a storyline from the knowledge gap to the purpose statement and conclusion. An aim is to become a critical reader of content AND presentation.

Day 2. Developing the intellectual content – a stepwise process to increase effectiveness and quality. Learn about a 6-step goal-directed-publication-planning-and-writing process that helps to overcome writer’s block, to tackle different challenges at different times in the process, to capture core content first, and increase effectiveness by writing outlines. Learn about quality indicators, how to communicate key messages and how to translate data into information and insight. 

Day 3. Tops and tails of manuscripts – how to effectively structure an argument within the discussion. Learn about how to translate data into information and insight, to discriminate between introduction and discussion sections, hedging vs. persuasiveness and how to write about study validity.  

Manuscript writing – from good to excellent (2-day follow-up)

Days 4-5. English language distractions – how to identify and avoid them. To identify and name English language distractions is a useful way to improve writing. During these days you will learn through a mixture of teaching and writing exercises. See examples of exercises in this paper:

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